We cannot hope to create a sustainable culture without sustainable people


Weaving our sustainability goals into our brand and its operations

Our drivers


Design products for durability, personalisation, sustainability and circularity

Our products will be designed and developed with form, function and need in mind that are durable, multi-usable, transient and relevant for today’s needs and with sustainability and circularity as a core principle

Responsible, engaged and empowered human capital

We will ensure gender equality, empowerment and career growth opportunities are made available to all across the brand.  Providing the framework of learning and excelling.   We will also encourage ownership and inclusion of all to key decision making activities across brands to empower our capital with the foundation to succeed equally


Responsibly sourcing from suppliers who hold sustainability at its core

At our core, we will responsibly source materials that we use in our products from suppliers that are compliant to sustainability ethics and principles that we share and will ensure that equal opportunities are given based on sustainability practices and not price points.  We will also ensure that the majority of our sourcing is done as much as viable in the vicinity of our selling market enabling a reduction of the carbon footprint these raw materials would take from supplier to brand then brand to customer


Respond to market demands, especially from socially conscious consumers

We will develop products which are market relevant in our markets we are targeting with a view of consumers who are socially conscious and responsible.  Not product hogging or discounting to entice sales.  Our price points will give enough margins for the complete value chain to sustain and enhance the lives of the workers and not pinch a business for it to become unsustainable to continue viably


Pull manufacturing in local markets

We will manufacture on demand. Our goal of a pull-based lean manufacturing environment is to make nothing until there is demand. Finished goods are not produced without a specific customer order.  Hence mitigating produced product wastage and being sustainable. Local manufacturing will also reduce the carbon footprint, with a lower milage to customer adding to the overall sustainability of long shipping from countries further a field

Our brands

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