Fragrances that have been curated by Internationally recognised Master Perfumers


Our scenting technology transforms your scent into dry nano-particles and diffuses the fragrance subtly throughout your space. Achieved without the use of heat, water, or evaporation


Our fragrances will delight the senses to enhance your mood and create your zen-like ambience


Our comprehensive beauty range coming in mid 2021


Hydur Fragrances that will delight the senses to enhance your mood and create your own zen-like ambience.


Our first collection will cover the home, car & work scenting market, using devices which use the latest technology of scent nebulisation for the disbursement of specifically curated fragrances in your home, car or workplace.


Our fragrances are curated explicitly by globally renowned Master Perfumers providing scents that drive your mood and well-being. 


Our home scenting products will be available in the United Kingdom and the Middle East via our e-commerce site which will be launched in March 2021 followed by our comprehensive beauty range in July 2021

Meet the Head


My Mantra: ‘If you believe it, you can achieve it.'

I have a passion for fashion, interior design, art and all thing creative that has led me to fragrances. I’ve always been curious about the ingredients and dedicated to learn the differentiation between smells.


What we do

Curate fragrances that delight the senses and enhance your mood


We have specifically designed scenting machines that work perfectly @Home, diffusing fragrances using modern ultrasonic methods controlled via a Bluetooth mobile application


Our @Work collection of machines provide generous coverage of fragrance in your office or retail space. Either use a curated fragrance from our collection or commission a customised scent program which you can own


Our innovation of @Car scenting machines have been developed to activate on motion or by interaction diffusing amazing scents in the comfort of your vehicle


Our technology transforms your favourite fragrance into dry nano-particles and diffuse scent subtly throughout your space, without the use of heat, water, or evaporation

Natural oils

We use 100% pure & natural ingredients in our fragrances that are sourced from renewable & sustainable resources throughout the world

Curated fragrances by globally recognised Master Perfumers

Fragrances are developed and devised by globally recognised Master Perfumers for all types of scenting benefits. Enjoy unique and memorable fragrances that feed the mood

Comprehensive range of beauty products with amazing scents

We will be launching soon a comprehensive range of beauty products that will carry our unique fragrances for your daily use
Custom Scent Program Development
Essential Oil Supply
Technologically Driven Scenting Machines
Full Range of Beauty Products
100% Natural and Pure Sustainable Oils and Fragrances

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